Who is Carlotte, by the way?

No, Carlotte is not fictional, but plays a very special role. Because it all started with Carlotte. When Carlotte, then a recruiter for a Copenhagen-based tech startup, wrote to our founder Timo via LinkedIn to get him on board, Timo declined. Carlotte's response marked the launch of the platform - cheers to you Carlotte!

Story of Carlotte

What we believe in


We believe that good recruiting shouldn't be a numbers game and that there is a perfect fit for everyone out there. That's why we look at talent far beyond the resume & work hard to find the right positions for our talents.


No matter if internally or externally. With Carlotte, we always want to be transparent with you. If you join our community, you can be sure that you will always receive clear information about all aspects of our company.


We love diverse teams - and love helping to build those teams. We don't care about your age, gender, beliefs or background. What matters is you, your passion and your will to help us reshape the future of recruiting.


It was important to us to build a sustainable company right from the start - that's why we ask ourselves the sustainability question with every decision. By the way, you can also do something: If you like, we will donate your reward to www.givewell.org.

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